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We get lots of calls and emails and always want to answer your inquiries. That’s why our staff has created this mini FAQ page for the most commonly asked questions tourist destination of MADHYA PRADESH. Just click on any question to display the answer inline on the page.


What are the timing of Mahakaleshwar temple ?

Timings of  Shree Mahakaleshwar temple

4 AM to 11 PM

What are the timings of Mahakeleshwar aarti ?

  • Bhasmaarti:4.00 am
  • Dadyodak Aarti: 7.00 am
  • Bhog Aarti: 10.00 am
  • Sandhyakalin pujan: 5.00 pm
  • Sandhya Aarti: 7.00 pm
  • Shayan Aarti: 10.30 pm

Is bhasmarti a paid service ?


Is Bhasmarti booking for advance days available ?

Yes, Bhasmarti for advance dates are available now. You can have a registration for 30 days prior to your darshan.

What is the procedure of VIP darshan at Mahakaleshwar temple ?

For this you have to submit fee and take reciept for special darshan.

Is there any famous other temples near by mahakaleshwar temple ?

Yes, Bada Ganesh Temple, Harsiddi Temple, Chardham are temples residing mahakaleshwar temple.

I would like to know the procedure of online booking for Basmarathi ?

Please go through below link, this will lead you to get required information.

How far Mahakaleshwar temple is from railway station ?


Is Kalsarp pooja available at Mahakaleshwar Temple ?

No, This pooja is available only at River Shipra banks like Ramghat or Sidhavat.

How far river shipra is from Mahakaleshwar temple ?

1 Km

How far is Kal Bhairav temple from railway station ?

7 kms (4.00 miles).

How much time it will take to visit all temples at Ujjain ?

You need a day time to visit all famous and pious temples of Ujjain.

How far Omkareshwar is from Mahakaleshwar ?

140 KMS

Are darshan of Omkareshwar and Mahakaleshwar possible in a single day ?

Yes, as the distance between two temples is 150 kms thus it is achievable in a single day.

Is Kalsarp pooja can be done in a single day ?

Yes, Kalsarp pooja is a rituals which takes only 4-5 hours.

How much time will mangal bhat pooja takes?

A full pledge Mangal bhat pooja will take an half day.

How can I book a taxi ?

Taxi booking with us is very easy, just fill the form and our executives will contact you as soon as possible with full information, Giving you a awesome ujjain visit experience is our passion.

You have AC cabs ?

Yes, we have all types vehicles in very good condition with us which will make your ujjain visit confortable.

Is there any offers available ?

Yes, we have many offers available, if you book a hotel or taxi with us.

How can I book a hotel ?

To book a hotel you have to visit our hotel booking section and need to fill all details. Our representative will call you ASAP with hotel rooms as per your need..

How can I know about packages ?

Contact us with your requirments we will help you to get you well suitable deal for you..

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