Madhya Pradesh One of the State of Eternal Beauty

Madhya Pradesh One of the State of Eternal Beauty.

The State of Madhya Pradesh is centrally located and is often called as the “Heart of India”, the state of Madhya Pradesh perfectly symbolizes India in all its true colors. This is a land that would mesmerize you and thrill you to no limit. Madhya Pradesh is rich with everything that makes a place visitable again and again. The State is home to a rich cultural heritage and has practically everything; innumerable monuments, large plateau, spectacular mountain ranges, meandering rivers and With magnificent historical buildings, varied wildlife, tribal lifestyle, the setting looks perfect for a memorable holiday.

History of Madhya Pradesh

History of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh may be one of the oldest inhibited parts of the Sub continent. Oldest known rock shelters and caves from paleolithic era have been found here. The walls of these caves are full of paintings that tell us about the lifestyle of people of bygone era. Madhya Pradesh is also a land that has come under numerous dynasties and ruled by the greatest of kings. And they all have left an indelible effect on the history of Madhya Pradesh and India as a whole. Their influence can still be seen in the many monuments that are scattered throughout the state. The Aryans, Guptas, Mughals, Marathas, all are a part of the glorious Madhya Pradesh history. But today, we feel the presence of Chandelas the most as they were the one who gave India and the World, the valuable endowment of Khajuraho Temples. These temples have brought Madhya Pradesh in the frame of the most visited state in India. During the many invasions, the tribal population fled to the south of Vindhyas and since then have resided there. Still, these tribal communities are completely secluded from the development and have their own customs, tradition and arts, totally unruffled by outside world. So if one wishes to learn more about the unhampered lifestyle of tribals, Madhya Pradesh is the place for you.

Wildlife In Madhya Pradesh

Wildlife In Madhya Pradesh

Of all the treasures that have been bestowed on Madhya Pradesh, Wildlife is without a doubt, the greatest. With national parks like Bandhavgarh and Kanha, no other state comes close to the variety and vastness of wildlife in Madhya Pradesh. These national parks have become synonyms with tigers. They are the first national parks that were included in Project Tiger. Bandhavgarh in fact has the highest density of tigers in the country. Other famous national park in the state is Panna National Park.

Monumental Heritage In Madhya Pradesh

Monumental Heritage In Madhya Pradesh

Since its birth, Madhya Pradesh has been the hub of the great Kings and queens. They have left us with their many priced possessions to admire like the forts, palaces, and numerous temples that still speak the language of power and royalty of yesteryears. Gwalior Fort and Khajuraho temples were and are, the most sought after structures in Madhya Pradesh, then by the many rulers, now by hordes of tourists. The moment you step into palaces like Jai Vilas Palace, you get an insight into the lifestyle of people who constitute The Royal India. Every part of Madhya Pradesh has a different history that is depicted by the various historical monuments that adorn the these lands.

The state of Madhya Pradesh is an absolute pleasure for wildlife and history lovers. Every moment you spend in this captivating land, will change your perception about life and happiness. So come along for a walk with the past and drive in the wild to set your good mood rolling.



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